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About CE Engineering

CE Engineering was established in 2005 and it is a highly accredited company that focus on providing solutions for a cleaner and cooler environment. With more than 10 years of experience in providing customized solutions which are affordable and caters to specific needs. We are vertically integrated encompassing air conditioning services, maintenance programs, troubleshooting and installation of HVAC systems. Since 2014, we were registered as a social enterprise with RAISE using our specific training modules for better integration of ex-offenders and to nurture the youth at risk in our society.

CE Engineering is also proud to be a BCA Registered Contractor, representing air-conditioning, refrigeration & ventilation works (ME01).

Our Technology: Jetclean

The use of high pressure jet can reduce the need for harmful acidic or alkaline renovator solution on the aluminium fins and coils. The fin increase air dissipation however also trap dirt as the fins per inch is very high to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the air passing through. this warm air serves to “boil” the refrigerant passing through the coil turning the liquid into gas. This process is also called ” Evapouration”.

Introduction to Direct Expansion (DX) water cooled package units

Temperzone is the manufacturers of the DX water cooled ducted package units which is usually installed in buildings with poor accessibility to the outdoors. Hence this unit is employed with the help of the Cooling Tower providing room temperature water to the Condensing side of the system. This video gives us a glimpse of what’s is happening behind the scenes in an office or server room once the main Airconditioning systems are turned off after office hours.

How have our clients benefited?

  • Mr. Fraser Brown Managing Director Global Solutions

    I have found the CE team highly responsive, efficient and honest. The bottom line is, they get the job done and you get on with running your business.

  • Franky Espehana General Manager, New Horizons Singapore

    CE Engineering is our trusted quality air conditioning servicing company in Singapore. I would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.

  • Towa Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    “Everything is perfect and we are pleased with the service.”

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